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Thank you for entrusting me to serve as the chair of the King Mayson Smith family organization. I know it’s a significant commitment, but I am prepared to contribute along with the newly elected and returning leadership team to build upon the success of what this body has been doing for the past 24 years. I would like to express my gratitude to our outgoing President, Cousin Elfreda King-Cook, for leading us through the last several years. Also, thank you to the eastern region for a job well done in hosting our 24th family reunion. I think I speak for everyone when I say “we had a blast”.
As I expressed during our going away brunch on August 6th. The future of this organization rests on the increased participation of our youth and young adults. It is time that we start thinking about where this body will be 5, 10 or 15 years from now. Our future is bright, and there are plenty of opportunities for us to take advantage of. With that said, let’s not forget about the challenges that lie ahead of us, the leadership team ask that you provide us with renewed support and vigorous participation in all of our upcoming efforts to reenergize our regions and the organization as a whole. My personal goal is to increase the communication from the executive leadership to the body and between the each family member in our regions.
After our first executive board meeting couple weeks ago, I am enthused that great things are in our horizon. There are amendments coming to our bylaws that that will be for the better good of the organization. There will be a national website that will serve as an information portal for everyone to connect to. We will see increased participation for our youth at our annual reunions. We will see increased usage of our family Facebook page. There will be energized support from the national body for each region. Changes to the way dues are paid is also coming. We will explore options on how to effectively utilize our 501c3 status that will benefit not only this organization but our family back home. We are working on details for a monthly or quarterly newsletter that will share stories from across our regions.
As I close, I would like to challenge each family member to get involved. If you are in a region that’s not performing as it should, reach out to family members that are in your region and encourage them to get involved. If your region does not currently have a leadership structure, create one. The national body cannot and will not be able to function without the support of everyone. I am looking forward to the increased participation of all family members. The way an organization survives is dependent on the participation of its members.   As we look upwards to our Silver Jubilee in Detroit, MI, let us all move forward with vigor and determination to support and enhance the “WE ARE FAMILY” slogan that fits well for our family!!!

Sam Smith, Jr.


                                     NATIONAL OFFICERS

  •                   Chairperson                   Samuel Smith, Jr.                     
  •                   Vice Chairman              Joel Williamson.
  •                   Secretary                       Tomethel Jallah
  •                   Financial Secretary       A. D. J. King II
  •                   Treasurer                       George Kesson Harris
  •                   Chaplain                       Saytue Jallah
  •                   Youth Coordinator         Nathaniel Boe, Jr
  •                   Chairman Emeritus        E. Martinus Whitfield